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Condor tools – ncgrep

September 2, 2011

Erik Erlandson recently added ncgrep to his growing Condor toolbox. Absolutely useful for admins, it is a NEGOTIATOR_LOG-aware grep. Try it out.


Update on Negotiation cycle statistics

December 5, 2010

Back in March 2010, I posted an AWK script that would process a NegotiatorLog and, on a per cycle basis, provide information on the number of matches, duration of cycle, match rate (matches per second), number of rejections, number of submitters and the total number of slots considered.

Now, with GT1458 in 7.5.4 and thanks to Dan Bradley, you can get these statistics right from the Negotiator’s ad. Run condor_status -negotiator -long and you’ll find:

LastNegotiationCycleTime0 = 446803200
LastNegotiationCycleMatches0 = 990
LastNegotiationCycleDuration0 = 5
LastNegotiationCycleRejections0 = 2
LastNegotiationCycleActiveSubmitterCount0 = 1

Soon, thanks to Erik Erlandson and Jon Thomas, when GT1393 gets merged, you will get access to a host of new statistics, including:

LastNegotiationCyclePeriod0 = 25
LastNegotiationCycleMatchRate0 = 198.000000
LastNegotiationCycleTotalSlots0 = 1100
LastNegotiationCycleMatchRateSustained0 = 39.599998
LastNegotiationCycleSubmittersShareLimit0 = ""

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