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Some htcondor-wiki stats

January 29, 2013

A few years ago I discovered Web Numbr, a service that will monitor a web page for a number and graph that number over time.

I installed a handful of webnumbrs to track things at HTCondor’s gittrac instance.

Thing such as –

  • Tickets resolved with no destination: tickets that don’t indicate what version they were fixed in. Anyone wanting to know if a bug is fixed or feature was added to their version of HTCodnor and encounters one of these will have to go spelunking in the repository for their answer.
  • Tickets resolved but not assigned: tickets that were worked on, completed, but whomever worked on them never claimed ownership.
  • Action items with commits: tickets that are marked as Todo/Incident, yet have associated code changes. Once there is a code change the ticket is either a bug fix (ticket type: defect) or feature addition (ticket type: enhancement). Extra work is imposed on whomever comes after the ticket owner who wants to understand what they are looking at. Additionally, these tickets skew information about bugs and features in releases.
  • Tickets with invalid version fields: tickets that do not follow the, somewhat strict, version field syntax – vXXYYZZ, e.g. v070901. All the extra 0s are necessary and the v must be lowercase.

I wanted to embed the numbers here, but javascript is needed and filters javascript from posts.

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