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Daylight savings, costs CPU

March 20, 2012

World daylight savings map

Erik ran into a surprising performance problem over the weekend.

If you live in an orange area of the map, mktime(3) may be killing your performance.

tm_isdst is important. Don’t guess!

Don’t construct struct tm manually. Or, even better, let mktime decide DST for you. Set tm_isdst = -1.

Are you impacted? Run your programs under callgrind, vary between Standard and Daylight, and look at mktime’s profile. Using Erik’s jig,

$ TZ=EDT valgrind --tool=callgrind ./test_mktime
$ TZ=EST valgrind --tool=callgrind ./test_mktime
$ callgrind_annotate --inclusive=yes --tree=calling ...

$ grep "mktime " EST.txt EDT.txt 
EST.txt:Profiled target:  ./test_mktime (PID 29595, part 1)
EST.txt:    1,765  >   ???:mktime (1x) [/lib64/]
EST.txt:  546,244  *  ???:mktime [/lib64/]
EST.txt:  542,350  >   ???:mktime (1x) [/lib64/]

EDT.txt:Profiled target:  ./test_mktime (PID 18878, part 1)
EDT.txt:    4,819  >   ???:mktime (1x) [/lib64/]
EDT.txt:   23,119  *  ???:mktime [/lib64/]

It is currently EDT.


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