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How accounting group configuration could work with Wallaby

February 5, 2013

Configuration of accounting groups in HTCondor is too often an expert task that requires coordination between administrators and their tools.

Wallaby provides a coordination point, so long as a little convention is employed, and can provide a task specific interface to simplify configuration.

Quick background, Wallaby provides semantic configuration for HTCondor. It models a pool as parameters aggregated into features and nodes aggregated in groups, with features and individual parameters associated with nodes and groups. It provides semantic validation of configuration before it is distributed, and has expert knowledge for minimal impact configuration changes.

And, accounting group configuration in HTCondor is spread across seven fixed parameters (GROUP_NAMES, GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS, GROUP_SORT_EXPR, GROUP_NAMES, GROUP_QUOTA_ROUND_ROBIN_RATE, GROUP_AUTOREGROUP, GROUP_QUOTA_MAX_ALLOCATION_ROUNDS), and another five dynamic parameters (GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS_groupname, GROUP_AUTOREGROUP_groupname, GROUP_PRIO_FACTOR_groupname, GROUP_QUOTA_groupname, GROUP_QUOTA_DYNAMIC_groupname). These are dynamic because the “groupname” in the parameter is any name listed in the GROUP_NAMES parameter.

In addition to its other features, Wallaby has an extensible shell mechanism, which can be used to create task specific porcelain.

For instance, agree that tools and administrators will store accounting group configuration on a feature called AccountingGroups, and the tools can use Wallaby’s API to manipulate the configuration while the following porcelain can simplify the task for managing that configuration by administrators.

See – wallaby_accounting_group_porcelain.txt
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Get Wallaby – Condor Configuration Management

December 4, 2010

Will Benton has been busy enhancing Wallaby, a system for Condor configuration management. He presented it along with Rob Rati at Condor Week 2010. A lot has happened since then, recently including the addition of an HTTP transport for retrieving configuration and a means to extend the Wallaby shell.

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