Condor Week 2012

Condor Week 2012 was last week. As in past years there was great representation from the research community. We learned how research of all sizes and shapes is benefiting from high throughput computing resources.

A number of enterprises also turned up to talk about their uses of Condor, even if they didn’t bring slides. DreamWorks Animation was present to tell us how our favorite movies are being created with Condor.

I got to talk about Condor’s developer community, and still want to hear from anyone who has tried or would like to contribute to the Condor project. That probably means you!


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One Response to “Condor Week 2012”

  1. Lans Carstensen Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out for DreamWorks, Matt! Condor has ran off and joined the Madagascar 3 circus.

    The community discussion was a very important one, thanks for leading it. I’ll be looking forward to the summary around what improvements have been agreed to be made, what work is needed, and how we can all help out.

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